Oh, hi there!

I’m Matt. I’m the founder of Nest Homeware. And I love cast iron...

I was first attracted to designing for and working with cast iron because of its lasting quality. Cast iron has proven that it can and will last for generations. When I founded Nest Homeware, I did so because I wanted to make cookware that would be deserving of such a long life - cookware with a soul. These pieces are made to be passed on to your children, your children’s children, and so on.

I care so much about design… I constantly ruminate over how products perform, how they look, how they feel. I’ve poured over each one of these products for countless hours to create truly beautiful objects that also just happen to be some of the best performing cast iron cookware you can buy.

Machined smooth. Truly ergonomic. Double seasoned. Made in the USA.

This cookware is made to last forever. I believe that it if something is going to last forever, it shouldn’t just work well - it should be beautiful.

Is your cookware ready to use?

Yes! It’s pre-seasoned and ready to cook with, right out of the box.

Is your cookware made in the USA?

Yes! We are committed to quality and American manufacturing. Our cookware is cast and machined in Indiana, then finished and seasoned by hand in Providence, RI.

Can cast iron be used on an induction stove? What about electric? And can it go into the oven safely?

Cast iron cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces. It can also go from the stove, directly into the oven, making it the most versatile cookware you can use. Keep in mind, many electric and induction stovetops are glass, so just be careful whenever setting your cookware down or moving it across your stovetop to avoid scratching the surface.

Why does it look bronzey, and not black?

Our cookware is double seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, which gives it a strong base of protection against rust, a naturally non-stick surface, and a lustrous bronzy hue. Some cast iron cookware is seasoned with other oil blends and fired at very high temperatures, resulting in the black color that you might be more familiar with. We’ve found our method to be excellent in its performance, and most true to traditional home seasoning. And if it’s black that you’re after, don’t worry - your cookware will darken over time with use.

How heavy is your cookware?

Our cast iron
cookware is some of the lightest, most well-balanced on the market. We list the weights of each on their individual pages, but just to reiterate: the 4.5in egg pan weighs 1lb, the 9in skillet weighs just under 4.5lb, the 12in braising pan weighs 7.5lb, and our Dutch Oven weighs 9lb.

Thanks to the long handle on the 9in skillet and the two handles on our 12in braising pan, the weight of our cast iron cookware is distributed more evenly than on other cast iron cookware, which means less strain on your wrists, whether you’re cooking in it or serving from it.

How does your cookware compare with other high-end brands?

Ours has been designed to be the most beautiful and highly functional cast iron cookware you can buy. The cooking surfaces have been CNC machined smooth - all the way up the sidewalls - to provide the best performance and easiest release of your food. It’s an unparalleled cooking experience.

Each of our handles has been designed as an abstraction of a Cherry tree branch. Not just a visual feature, it has resulted in handles that are wonderfully pleasing to hold and use as well. Because they’re longer than most other cast iron handles, they stay cool longer, and balance the weight of the pans better as well.

Are there any health benefits to cooking with cast iron?

Yes, there are!

1. No synthetic polymers coming into contact with your food. While non-stick coatings are wonderfully slippery, the fumes that come off of them at high heat have been linked to health complications and even cancer. Our cast iron cookware is seasoned with naturally polymerized flaxseed oil, giving you a safe, high performance surface to cook on.

2. Trace iron supplementation. We’re talking small numbers here, but they do add up.

3. The cast iron process is sustainable and green. There is very little waste in the production of cast iron. There are only three basic elements used in the cast iron process: heat, sand, and iron. Both the sand and iron are entirely recyclable, and the heat from most new furnaces it generated through induction, which is wonderfully efficient. This means less negative environmental impact on our planet, which is a health benefit to us all.

Do you sell in any retailers near me?

Maybe! You can check out our Stockists page to see. If think our cookware would be great in your local culinary supply store, and we’re not there yet, tell them about us! Until then, you can order directly through our shop.