Cast iron cookware has never looked this good

And with handles sculpted to be truly ergonomic, cast iron cookware has never felt this good either. We can’t wait to get it in your hands.

What People Are Saying
“…why not enrich the experience [of frying eggs] with the pan that could pass for sculpture?”
— House Beautiful Magazine
“Intriguing... The handle is one of the most comfortable available.”
— Southern Cast Iron Magazine
“…an inspired union of design and functionality.”
— Edible Rhody Magazine
“…the smallest and cutest egg pan you’ll ever see.”
— Bake From Scratch Magazine

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Oh, hi there!

I’m Matt. I'm the founder of Nest Homeware, and I love cast iron. This cookware is made to last forever. I believe that if something is going to last forever, it shouldn’t just work well - it should be beautiful.

"Best In Class"

Did you know that our Cast Iron Skillet has been referred to as having the most comfortable handle of any in its class? There's a lot to love, and more to see. Click below to learn more about what makes our 9" Skillet so special. . .

Cleaning & Care

A good cleaning and seasoning routine will keep your cast iron cookware performing its best.

Proudly made in the USA