9 in Cast Iron Skillet - BACKORDER

9 in Cast Iron Skillet - BACKORDER

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Cook everything from steak & eggs to apple pie. The lid from the 3.5 qt Dutch oven fits this 9 in skillet as well.

The interiors of cast iron cookware from Nest Homeware are machined smooth, which makes for an incredible cooking experience. Each handle captures the gesture of a branch from a cherry tree, abstracted into a form that's pleasing to the eyes and the hands.

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9” Skillet Features

  • Double seasoned with flaxseed oil and ready to use. Our cast iron cookware will darken over time creating a well loved seasoning.

  • The handle: beautiful and completely ergonomic. Our handle feels great in both left and right hands, big or small. The length is a little longer than other skillets which helps to balance the weight of the pan and keep your fingers further away from the heat.

  • Equipped with a brass D-ring for easy hanging storage without adding any extra weight.

  • A self basting lid is available for this skillet. The lid for our 3.5 quart Dutch oven fits on this 9” beauty as well.

  • The smoothest cooking surface from bottom to top. Our cast iron pans are CNC machined smooth from the bottom all the way up the side walls making our pans almost non-stick and easy to clean.

  • Weighs only 5.5 lbs making it a more comfortable cast iron cooking experience.

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